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    How to join a team

    If you are looking to join a team, please email us at, it will automatically be sent to all the teams. If no one replies to you for a while, you can email and the league will get back to you. Also, for anything other that joining a team (inquiries, new teams wanting to join), please email directly.

    On your email about looking for a team, please tell us  :

    1. Your name, email address, phone# and age (we register women from 18- un up (the up being unlimited), we can register players under 18, but only with a letter from a parent or guardian granting permission.

    2. Do you prefer A or B division, or is either one is ok (A is more competitive than B)

    3. A little bit of a soccer "resume", where have you played before, how many years, and any other information that will make team managers rush to try to recruit you before anyone else does  :)

    Now is the perfect time to contact us, our season starts in September and most teams are starting to recruit now.


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