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New York Metropolitan Women’s Soccer League (“NYMWSL or the League”) welcomes the exciting prospect of adding new teams to the league.  
Prior to meeting with NYMWSL, prospective new teams should be aware of the costs and commitment required to play and compete in the League. Please review the points listed below. At this time, NYMWSL is only accepting new teams prior to the Fall Season. Initial Costs: • Every new team must provide a $300 bond to NYMWSL before the first game of the Fall season. If the team fulfills all of its commitments and financial obligations to the League, half of the bond shall be refunded to the new team after their first year of play. Fields: • Every new team must provide a home field within the New York Metropolitan area, with at least two hours of field space EVERY Sunday during the Fall and Spring seasons. They must continue to provide a home field in order to continue League play. (if you don't have a field, still contact us, we can point you in the right direction) Registration: • All players, coaches and player-coaches, must be registered with ENYSSA prior to playing in a NYMWSL game. The maximum number of players registered per team is 23 at one time. Passes are routinely checked by referees and opposing teams at games. • Registration fees are due before the first game of the Fall Season. The initial registration and insurance fees for 2010/2011 are approx. $985 per team. This includes player registration forms ($30 each), and required line-up forms for each game. Plus State Association fees League Representation: • Every team is required to have a representative attend the monthly NYMWSL meeting, typically the meetings are held the evening of the second Monday of the month in Manhattan. Teams are subject to fines for a consistent lack of representation at League meetings. Uniforms and Referee fees: • Every team is required to have two (2) sets of matching, numbered uniforms, with home and alternate colors approved by the NYMWSL Secretary. • The referee fee for the 2010/2011 year is $65 per game for the A division, both the home and away team share this cost, paying $30 each at game time. The B division fee is $60, also shared by both teams. For more general rules, you can download our Rules and Regulations.
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