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Every team should be ready to play every weekend as fields/times can change at the last minute.
Most June dates are for make up games.
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September 2014
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id Date Time Location Field Info Division Conference Home Away Score Box
1578Sun, 09/14/20149:00 AMEast 6th A DivisionCentral Park Rangers WhiteNY Smoking Aces0 - 0 box 
1574Sun, 09/14/201410:00 AMBushwick Inlet (Williamsburg) B DivisionAstoria FCBaby Magic FSC1 - 1 box 
1575Sun, 09/14/201411:00 AMEast 6th A DivisionFuel FCCentral Park Rangers Red1 - 3 box 
1572Sun, 09/14/20141:00 PMEast 6th B DivisionManhattan Kickers/Scala Reserves(MKSR)NY Skulls0 - 3 box 
1573Sun, 09/14/20141:00 PMSt. Michael PlaygroundQueens B DivisionShamrocksAppletown FC3 - 0 box 
1576Sun, 09/14/20142:30 PMNew Utrecht B DivisionNYC United ReservesPhoenix3 - 3 box 
1577Sun, 09/14/20143:00 PMEast 6th A DivisionRovers 2NY Magic Reserves1 - 5 box 
1579Sun, 09/14/20149:00 PMPier 40 A DivisionNYC UnitedRovers 15 - 0 box 
1586Sun, 09/21/20149:00 AMEast 6th B DivisionManhattan Kickers/Scala Reserves(MKSR)Astoria FC0 - 1 box 
1587Sun, 09/21/20149:00 AMRandalls Island B DivisionShamrocksPhoenix0 - 0 box 
1581Sun, 09/21/201411:00 AMEast 6th A DivisionCentral Park Rangers RedManhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS)7 - 1 box 
1580Sun, 09/21/20141:00 PMEast 6th A DivisionNY Magic ReservesNYC United3 - 1 box 
1585Sun, 09/21/20141:00 PMFlushing Meadows ParkField # 9 Flushing - forfeit B DivisionBaby Magic FSCNYC United Reserves3 - 0 box 
1583Sun, 09/21/20143:00 PMEast 6th A DivisionRovers 2Central Park Rangers White0 - 8 box 
1582Sun, 09/21/20145:00 PMEast 6th B DivisionAppletown FCNYC Sirens1 - 0 box 
1594Sun, 09/28/20149:00 AMEast 6th B DivisionPhoenixBaby Magic FSC1 - 0 box 
1589Sun, 09/28/201410:00 AMBushwick Inlet (Williamsburg) B DivisionAstoria FCNYC United Reserves3 - 3 box 
1590Sun, 09/28/201411:00 AMEast 6th A DivisionCentral Park Rangers WhiteNY Magic Reserves2 - 1 box 
1588Sun, 09/28/20141:00 PMEast 6th A DivisionManhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS)Fuel FC0 - 3 box 
1591Sun, 09/28/20142:30 PMNew Utrecht B DivisionAppletown FCNY Skulls5 - 3 box 
1592Sun, 09/28/20143:00 PMEast 6th A DivisionRovers 1Central Park Rangers Red1 - 0 box 
1595Sun, 09/28/20147:45 PMPier 40 B DivisionNYC SirensShamrocks3 - 0 box 
1593Sun, 09/28/20148:00 PMLeif Ericson A DivisionNY Smoking AcesRovers 22 - 2 box 
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 Upcoming Games 
Manhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS) vs NYC United
Rovers 2 vs Fuel FC
NY Skulls vs Phoenix
NYC United Reserves vs Appletown FC
Central Park Rangers White vs Central Park Rangers Red
Baby Magic FSC vs Shamrocks
NY Smoking Aces vs Rovers 1
NYC Sirens vs Manhattan Kickers/Scala Reserves(MKSR)