Below are the games for the selected month and season.
Every team should be ready to play every weekend as fields/times can change at the last minute.
Most June dates are for make up games.
If there is a discrepancy between this schedule and the excel spreadsheet sent by the Games Commissioner, the Excel spreadsheet is always the correct one (the website could have a typo). Always please double check with the Games Commissioner                              
Please be prepared to change time/field at the last minute in March if fields are closed due to snow on the ground.

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March 2015
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id Date Time Location Field Info Division Conference Home Away Score Box
1830Sun, 03/15/2015TBDTo be determinedto be rescheduled A DivisionNYC UnitedNY Magic ReservesTBD
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1766Sun, 03/15/20159:00 AMEast 6thcould change due to weather A DivisionFuel FCNY Smoking Aces2 - 0 box 
1763Sun, 03/15/201511:00 AMEast 6thcould change due to weather A DivisionCentral Park Rangers WhiteRovers 21 - 0 box 
1762Sun, 03/15/20151:00 PMEast 6thcould change due to weather A DivisionManhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS)Central Park Rangers Red1 - 7 box 
1761Sun, 03/15/20151:00 PMNew Utrechtcould change due to weather B DivisionNYC United BBaby Magic FSC2 - 3 box 
1764Sun, 03/15/20153:00 PMEast 6thforfeit B DivisionPhoenixShamrocks0 - 3 box 
1776Sun, 03/22/20159:00 AMEast 6th A DivisionNY Magic ReservesCentral Park Rangers White0 - 0 box 
1775Sun, 03/22/20159:00 AMRandalls IslandField #82 B DivisionNY SkullsAppletown FC7 - 0 box 
1771Sun, 03/22/201510:00 AMCollege Point B DivisionBaby Magic FSCPhoenix5 - 0 box 
1772Sun, 03/22/201511:00 AMEast 6th A DivisionFuel FCManhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS)1 - 3 box 
1770Sun, 03/22/20151:00 PMEast 6th A DivisionRovers 2NY Smoking Aces8 - 0 box 
1769Sun, 03/22/20151:00 PMNew Utrecht B DivisionNYC United BAstoria FC2 - 0 box 
1774Sun, 03/22/20153:00 PMEast 6th A DivisionCentral Park Rangers RedRovers 14 - 0 box 
1773Sun, 03/22/20153:00 PMNew Utrecht B DivisionShamrocksNYC Sirens0 - 6 box 
1784Sun, 03/29/20159:00 AMEast 6th B DivisionManhattan Kickers/Scala Reserves(MKSR)NYC Sirenssubmit scores 
1783Sun, 03/29/20159:00 AMRandalls IslandField #82 B DivisionShamrocksBaby Magic FSCsubmit scores 
1779Sun, 03/29/201511:00 AMEast 6th A DivisionRovers 1NY Smoking Acessubmit scores 
1778Sun, 03/29/20151:00 PMEast 6th B DivisionPhoenixNY Skullssubmit scores 
1780Sun, 03/29/20153:00 PMEast 6th A DivisionCentral Park Rangers RedCentral Park Rangers Whitesubmit scores 
1781Sun, 03/29/20153:00 PMNew Utrecht B DivisionAppletown FCNYC United Bsubmit scores 
1777Sun, 03/29/20156:00 PM A DivisionNYC UnitedManhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS)submit scores 
1782Sun, 03/29/20156:00 PMBushwick Inlet (Williamsburg) A DivisionFuel FCRovers 2submit scores 
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 Upcoming Games 
NY Skulls vs Shamrocks
Rovers 1 vs Fuel FC
Manhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS) vs NY Magic Reserves
Central Park Rangers White vs NYC United
NYC United B vs Manhattan Kickers/Scala Reserves(MKSR)
Appletown FC vs Phoenix
NY Smoking Aces vs Central Park Rangers Red
NYC Sirens vs Astoria FC