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League Rules

League Rules , Constitution and By Laws









A.         The League shall be open to teams consisting of women 18 years of age (by the start of the playing season) or older. Any woman below the age of 18 at the start of the playing season, who desires to play in the League, must obtain permission, which shall not be unreasonably withheld by the League Council and she must present a release form signed by herself and her parents or guardian in addition to the other required documents listed in 1B below.


B.         All players and teams must be officially registered with the League and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of its Constitution, By-Laws and General Rules. In addition, all players shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Eastern New York State Amateur Soccer Association ("ENYSASA") and the United States Soccer Federation ("USSF"). In order to be officially registered, all players and teams must comply in full with the terms and conditions set forth below.


Per USSF Policy 601-5, Section 6, a player may register with the gender team with which the player identifies, and confirmation sufficient for guaranteeing access shall be satisfied by documentation or evidence that shows the stated gender is sincerely held, and part of a person’s core identity. Documentation satisfying the herein stated standard includes, but is not limited to, government-issued documentation or documentation prepared by a health care provider, counselor, or other qualified professional not related to the player.


A player will be considered officially registered with the League and eligible to play upon the validation by the Registrar of her player's pass, which pass shall not be validated unless the player shall first submit to her team the following:


  1. A duly executed USSF Amateur Registration Ad form as supplied by the ENYSASA;


  1. An executed injury release form as supplied by the ENYSASA;


  1. The fee for the above pass;


  1. A minor's release and League Council approval, if appropriate.


The above shall be submitted by each team to the Registrar at a reasonable time and place set by the Registrar. Or an alternative to the above, an online registration process may be acceptable under terms and procedures established by NYMWSL, ENYSSA and/or USSF.


C.         Each player must have a validated USSF player's pass in order to play in each official League game.


D.         A player who is registered with a non USSF/ENYSASA League is eligible to be registered in both NYMWSL and such other League.


E.         To be eligible for League Championship or Play-off games, a player must be registered with the club no later than the week of the second-to-last game of the season. Players must be registered by May 15th in order to compete in State Cup semi finals/finals.


F.         All coaches shall be considered members of this League and are subject to the provisions of the Constitution, By-laws and General Rules, as though they were players. They must be officially registered with a supervisor pass.


G.        In order for a club/team to register or loan any player above the 30 originally registered, a simultaneous deactivation/registration must occur. The new player passes will be issued only upon the return of the deactivated player’s pass.







A.       All players are registered with their respective clubs for a period of one (1) soccer playing year as defined in Section IV. Re-registration is required for a new soccer playing year.


B.       A player's registration with a club may be terminated during the playing season or championship play-off games, only by the mutual consent of the club, as expressed through its club secretary, and the player. Notification of such termination must be in writing, on a Player Amateur Release form supplied by the ENYSASA, signed by the club secretary and the player. The original shall be given to the player, which copy she must present to the coach or club manager of any future club on which she desires to play.


C.         A player who obtains a release in accordance with Section II(B) above during the playing season shall be eligible to play for any other eligible club after:


  1. Completion of new registration, as set forth above in Section I; and


  1. The expiration of two (2) game waiting period; after compliance with the requirements in paragraph II(B); unless, both clubs, and the player, agree to a waiver of the two (2) game waiting period.


  1. A team/club may release a player who is not in good standing and notify the Registrar of such debt at the time of deactivation/release.  At the request of the team/club, said player’s registration with another team may be withheld until any outstanding fees/monies due are paid by the player or waived by the former team/club.  However, player fees charged by teams/clubs must be fully disclosed and agreed to by a player, or Treasurer shall calculate a reasonable player fee based on known/common operating costs for other league teams.  When said player pays any remaining debt, her former team/club must notify the Registrar immediately.  A player is not required to pay costs and fees to a departing club after the end of the annual playing season, if such costs and fees have not been collected and/or been made known to the player and the League council prior to the end of the playing season.


D.       In the event that a player requests a release and her club refuses such a request, the player may petition the League Council for a hearing to show why she should be given such release. The League Council may grant the request for such release, at its discretion. A players that is deactivated during the Fall season (due to injury, travel, medical or other reasons deemed valid by the League), may be re-registered with the same team in the Spring for one third of the registration fee.






The League shall be open to clubs consisting of eligible players as defined in Section I, which clubs shall comply with the following prerequisites by a date set by the League Council prior to the start of the playing year in order to register for play during that season:


A.         Each club shall submit three (3) typed, alphabetized rosters to the Registrar by the date set by the League Council as indicated above. One copy shall be retained by the League Registrar, one copy shall be given to the League Secretary and one copy shall be given to the Publicity Officer. Each roster shall have a maximum of thirty (30) players and a minimum of thirteen (13) players. Any club may amend its roster by submitting an amended roster to the Registrar in triplicate.


B.         Each club shall have paid its registration fee and all other outstanding fees or penalties by the date set by the Registrar as indicated above.


C.         All new (first year) teams must meet the following criteria:


  1. Provide a field for each week (both home & away games) of league play in order to be accepted into the League and in perpetuity for as long as said team continues to play in the League. The Games Commissioner shall determine the acceptability of all fields in accordance with the FIFA rules. The appropriate fees for the use of playing fields will be paid by the League Treasurer as long as the cost of the field is consistent with recent fees paid for other league fields (otherwise a fair amount will be agreed upon by the League and such team).


  1. Pay a Performance Bond on or before September 1st preceding the team’s first soccer season. At the end of said team’s first complete season, provided there are no forfeits or league violations, the League Council will authorize the release of half of said bond.


  1. Pay all fees, including but not limited to State and League dues, registration fees, player fees, etc, on or before September 1st preceding the team’s first season.


D.         The official registration forms shall be purchased from the League Registrar and the appropriate registration fee(s) paid to the League Registrar/Treasurer.







A.         When there are 9 teams or less, the League will remain as one division.


B.         When there are 10 teams or more, the League will be divided into A and B divisions. Teams will be placed based on the previous year's standings.  If there are an uneven number of teams the B division will have the odd number of teams.  (Emphasis added).


C.         Promotion/Relegation:


  1. First place team from B division switches with the last place team from A division when the League has 19 or less teams.


  1. First and second place teams from B division switch with last and second to last place teams from A division when the League has 20 teams or more.


  1. Above 20 teams the League may create a third division, which would require a new scheduling and promotion/relegation framework.


  1. If a lower division team finishes in a position such that it is promoted, it shall be obligated to accept its promotion to the higher division unless the team which finishes last in the higher division also wishes not to be relegated to the lower division.  However, both teams must agree to remain in their respective divisions or the promotion/relegation shall be executed. Furthermore, if a team is granted an exemption from promotion, it shall forfeit all prizes and/or- prize money associated with winning the division.  And, any team finishing in the same position as the previous year (even if club name/affiliation has changed, must be promoted/relegated.


  1. The rationale for Promotion/Relegation shall be to reward the teams that have excelled in the lower division(s).  To that end, if the League’s acceptance of a new team(s) during the off-season should necessitate an additional team(s) being added to the higher division(s) in order to re-balance the divisions, such re-balancing should be accomplished by promoting one or more successful lower division teams.


  1. The League reserves the right to review the composition of each division and, in the best interest of the League, restructure each division when the League loses or adds teams in either division (i.e. 1,2, or 3 teams in either division may be promoted/relegated or placed in a new division as determined by the “best interest of the League”).




D.         All new teams must start in the lowest division.


E.         Player Transfers:


ENYSASA and League roster deadlines shall apply to all player loans, transfers and registrations. A player transfer is defined as the deactivation and subsequent re-registration of the same player with a different team.


  1. Any player who changes teams must deactivate and re-register, and pay all necessary fees – currently the equivalent of a deactivation fee and a player registration fee. Players who have been deactivated, then re-registered with another team, may not return to re-register with a former team within the same playing season. However, players who have previously transferred to another team may return to a previous team for non-League competitions (ie. State Cup, National Cup) provided rules and fees with respect to deactivation and activation are followed AND player plays for only one designated team for the duration of that particular competition.  Furthermore, players with documented injuries or maternity leave who transferred to lower division teams may return to register with their former team within the same season for regular League games.


  1. Any player who changes teams may use a player loan pass only if both teams belong to the same club and are in different divisions.


  1. Loans are only permitted for players moving from a lower division to a higher division.  If a player was originally registered with the A division team then deactivates to re-register with that club’s B division team within the same season, such player will not be allowed to be loaned up to A division in accordance with de-activation and re-registration rules.


  1. A maximum of 2 players may be loaned to a particular team per game. The registrar must pre-approve the loan and the opposing team must be notified before the game.  The loaned player is allowed to play both the A and B games on the same day.


  1. A player may only be loaned twice per season. A third loan of such player will require de-activation and registration with the borrowing team.


  1. The loan fee and/or equivalent registration fee(s) per player/per game are identified in Appendix I.


F.        Games will be played both within and outside division unless there are more than 14 teams.  [Above 20 teams the League may create a third division, which would require a new scheduling framework.]


# of Teams

# of Teams A/B Division

# of Games w/ each team inside division

# of Games w/ each Team Outside division

Total A Games

Total B Games



































































**if 14 games, League Cup may be added






A.         All rules and regulations herein shall be read in accordance with USSF (FIFA) and ENYSASA rules and regulations


B.         The soccer playing year for the League will be determined each year by the League Council.


C.         All games will be played under the USSF (FIFA) Laws of the Game. In addition, the following rules will apply:


1.         The Field of Play:


(a)        Each designated home team will be responsible for two (2) goal nets, four corner flags, four (4) game balls and the proper lining of the field, which should be no less than 100 yds in length and 50 yds in width as per FIFA rules.  Visiting team shall also provide four (4) game balls to be used only after home team balls are no longer available. If a team with its own field is not able to find a regulation size field, the League, as per FIFA rules, will approve reasonable variations to the above mentioned measurements, such measurements must be approved by the Games Commissioner prior to the game.  The home team will be responsible for field setup (nets, lines, corner flags, etc). Failure to do so, as noted on the referee report, will carry a fine as identified in Appendix I.


(b)       The field must be ready for play by the scheduled game time as determined by the referee. Add that a team cannot decide to change their home field for no reason. Once a game is assigned a field at the beginning of the season, it should not change unless there is a hardship (the League will decide if hardship is valid) and must give the other team 7 days notice minimum. Teams with own fields must submit their field (with a permit) before the final schedule is published, otherwise, the Games Commissioner has the right to use any unused League fields for those games.


(c)        Subject to terms of Section V, Paragraph C4b2, failure to comply with (a) and (b) of this paragraph will result in the home team forfeiting the game. This is in accordance with the State regulations.


(d)       All Teams are expected to play the last game of the League Season by the third weekend in June.


(e)        Unless it will cause an undue hardship to the League, all regular season and make-up games must be played within the third week after the originally scheduled game, including weeknights, Saturdays, or double headers on Sunday.  The first week, the teams have one week to figure it out amongst themselves, then the games commissioner has two weeks to assign it.


2.         The Number of Players:


(a)        Each team can dress eighteen (18) players. Substitutions are unlimited (in and out), but will be made during stoppage of play and upon notification of the referee.


(b)       A team must have a minimum of seven (7) players on the field within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled starting time. If within said fifteen (15) minutes, a team is able to start the game with the minimum prescribed players the game must be commenced. If, due to the above circumstances, the game begins more than fifteen (15) minutes later than the original start time, the team, which was previously short players, will also be responsible for the full referee fee provided the opposing team is ready to start the game according to NYMWSL rules within fifteen (15) minutes of the original start time.


3.         Uniforms:


(a)        Matching uniforms for players are mandatory for all league games. Team colors must be registered with the Games Commissioner in advance of registration and all teams must own two (2) different color sets of uniforms. The Executive board has the right to reject the proposed uniform color.


(b)       If a League officer witnesses two (2) or more players on a team disregarding the uniform rules, said officer shall inform the team manager or coach that a report shall be made to the League.  At the first such reporting of a team, a $10 fine shall be imposed, and will double it with each subsequent offense ($10, then $20, then $40, then $80 and so on)


(c)        Each uniform shall consist of a jersey, shorts, knee socks and soccer cleats or training shoes. Jersey tops, shorts and socks must be substantially similar in color and style. The wearing of shin guards is mandatory. Each player's jersey shall be numbered with at least six inch (6") numeral on the back.


(d)       All goalkeepers must wear a jersey color which contrasts with the uniforms of both teams. Goalkeepers may wear gloves.


(e)        Jewelry and all items of apparel that are hazardous to players are not to be worn on the field, subject to the discretion of the referee.


(f)        Each captain shall wear an armband of contrasting color to her uniform.


(g)        During official League or playoff games, if there is a conflict in uniform color, it is the responsibility of the away team to change. During non-league games (ie State Cup or National Cup), please check the rules for the competition.


4.         Scheduling, Postponement and Cancellation of Games:



(1)        If a team fails to appear at the field, without prior notification, for a league or cup game, they will pay a Forfeit – Level 2 fine (as per Appendix 1) to the League ($50 go to the opposing team) and the full referee fee. Two points will be deducted from their standings. They will also be immediately suspended pending a hearing. If they give prior notification by 6 pm on Saturday, they will pay an Early Forfeit Fee (as per Appendix 1) and two (2) points deducted from their standings. At this point they will be on notice and any future forfeit of any kind will result in an immediate suspension pending a hearing. Forfeits are cumulative over the course of the entire fall/spring season. If such suspension occurs, teams scheduled to play such team will automatically win the game by a score of 3:0.



(2)        If a team knows in advance that they will forfeit, they must notify the Games Commissioner and the Manager or Coach of the opposing team and make arrangements to cancel the referee. If the Games Commissioner cannot be reached, then the President must be contacted. Leaving a message is unacceptable; the forfeiting team must communicate directly with at least one officer mentioned above. If the game is forfeited when it is too late to contact the referee, the forfeiting team must make arrangements to send someone to the field to pay the referee fee. The team that does show up is not responsible for this fee.


(k)        A club or team using an unregistered player, or a registered player without a pass, will be subject to a Forfeit – Level 1 fine and have 2 points deducted from their point standings.  If playing on a winning team, the game will be awarded to the opposing team with a score of 3:0. In case players of both teams are not registered or playing without a pass, both clubs will be subject to a Forfeit – Level 1 fine and have 2 points deducted from their point standings.  Both clubs lose the game by a score of 3:0. This forfeiture counts as a cumulative forfeit in the three-forfeit rule.


(l)         Games shall under no circumstances be broken-off or terminated or shortened to less than 45 minute halves by one of the participating teams.  If a team breaks off a game without permission of the referee, said team shall be penalized by losing the game 3:0.  The offending team shall be subject to a Forfeit – Level 1 fine and be responsible for the full referee fee.



(1)        All teams must produce players’ and coaches’ passes for referee inspection prior to the beginning of each game. If a team cannot provide their player passes within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled start time, the game shall be recorded as a forfeit and subject to all applicable penalties and fees.  League Council, at its sole discretion, may grant an exception to this rule for circumstances of extreme hardship. However, teams must petition in writing for said exception within the first twenty-four 24 hours of game time and be prepared to provide adequate evidence.  As per ENYSASA Rules, teams that do not list all participating players on an “official” ENYSASA issued line-up form (or an approved equivalent) and submit to the referee will be fined for each occurrence as per Appendix I.


(2)        Coaches from other teams can lend their pass.  This coach must be present for the entire game unless an emergency or extreme hardship should occur.


(n)       If a game has been played in its entirety, and afterwards, it is determined one of the teams broke a league rule and said rule specifies the game must be forfeited, then the opposing team wins the game 3:0, and the forfeiting team is subject to all penalties and fees. This forfeiture does not count as a cumulative forfeit in the three forfeit rule. However, if the opposing team had won the game by a score higher than 3:0, then that team must keep the original score of the game.


5.         Coaches:


(a)        Coach registration - The coach of each team must be officially registered with the League with a supervisor pass in accordance with Section I of these General Rules and Regulations.


(b)       Coaches must exhibit sportsmanlike behavior and submit a valid state coaching pass to the referee prior to the start of the match.  During a game they are physically limited to the non-playing side of a touch line.  They cannot enter the field of play without the referee's permission and cannot interfere or interrupt the game in any way.  They are permitted to give polite instructions and encouragement to their players.  They must show courtesy toward referees and League Officials.






A.         Points to determine League standing shall be allocated as follows:


WIN                 3 points

TIE                   1 point

LOSS                0 points

1ST FORFEIT     -2 points

2ND FORFEIT    -3 points


B.         In the event of a point tie in the final standings, the Games Commissioner will determine the standings by the following criteria:


  1. Playoff games for teams tied for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each division and for teams tied for last only in a division which has a division beneath it.


  1. For all other ties, the tie will be broken by head to head competition, then goal differential, then goals scored, then goals against.


  1. Playoff games must be played no later than the first Sunday after the end of the current season, as long as there is no conflict with NYMWSL, State or National Cup games.  If teams cannot agree to a location and time for a playoff match, a league designated field shall be assigned and the match shall be played between 10:00am-3:00pm.  The League shall pay the referee and any assistant referee fees.  Home team shall be determined (for sake of uniform, field preparation and balls) based on ranking as per above.


C.         No ties are permitted in play-off or championship games. If a play-off or championship games ends in a tie, two (2) equal overtime periods will be played. Total length of an overtime period will be thirty (30) minutes, comprised of two fifteen (15) minute halves. If at the overtime period, the score is still tied, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks in accordance with FIFA rules.  At end of regulation time, should time constraints or field circumstances warrant, both teams may mutually agree to skip overtime and go straight to penalty kicks to determine the winner as per above.






A.         PENALTIES:


The following are the penalties for players, coaches, assistant coaches and team managers:






TWO YELLOW CARDS IN ONE GAME: Equal one red card (ejection field and game being played.) Any suspension from subsequent games will be based on the referee’s report and the discretion of the League Commissioner.

If a player or coach accumulates three yellow cards during a playing season, she/he will be suspended for one game.  Yellow cards given in games when a red card was issued to that player are not to be counted.




CAUSE SUSPENSION*  (determined by the League Commissioner)


Rough Play                              Up to one game

Insulting an opponent            Up to one game

Assaulting an opponent         Minimum two games

Insulting the referee               Up to two games

Assaulting the referee            Minimum two games


*All suspensions are in addition to the game in which the penalty was given. All Red Card suspensions carry at least a one game suspension. The player will be suspended from her team's next NYMWSL sanctioned game or games. Rules, sanctions and/or suspensions for non-league competitions shall be governed by the jurisdictional authority responsible for said competition (i.e. STATE CUP or NATIONAL CUP).


If the Disciplinary Committee levies a fine against a player or a team, the fine must be paid in full prior to the team resuming the League play. If payment is not made the team will not resume play.


Coaching Staff ejections: If any member of the coaching staff/team management is ejected from the game, they must leave the park premises.


No yellow or red cards will be accumulated and the coach/manager will be allowed to be present at the next game as long as the ejection is not the result of violent conduct (in which case the League Commissioner will decide the penalty).


Teams will be notified of potential suspensions or disciplinary actions when the League Commissioner has the authority to issue the appropriate penalties and fees regardless of whether a formal protest has been registered.




If a team breaks a rule and it comes to the attention of the League Commissioner, the League Commissioner has the authority to issue the appropriate penalties and fees regardless of whether a formal protest has been registered.


B.         PROTESTS:


  1. A protest is the procedure for challenging the validity of a game for a violation of a League or FIFA rule.


  1. All protests must be submitted by the team representative to the League Commissioner and the opposing team representative, confirmed in writing, within forty-eight (48) hours of the complained of event or upon receiving notice of the violation, not to exceed one calendar month from the date of the event.  The letter of protest must cite the rule(s) that was violated and therefore contests the validity of the game.


  1. The League Commissioner, or a member of the Disciplinary Committee (so designated), will obtain a copy of the referee's report of the game that is under protest.


  1. When a protest is received by the Committee and a meeting is scheduled by the Committee to meet on the matter, the Committee shall inform all team representatives and parties involved, of the date and time of said meeting.  Each team and / or party involved may have 1 or 2 representatives present at the Committee meeting, to testify and / or answer questions.


  1. The Disciplinary Committee may initiate a protest based solely on the Referee's report.


  1. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee will stand as final, without the right of appeal, in the last regularly scheduled game and in all play-off games.


  1. The Disciplinary Committee will notify the League President and Team Representatives of the game under protests by overnight mail, facsimile or e-mail within forty-eight (48) hours of the decision of the Committee


  1. The Disciplinary Committee shall adopt whatever procedure necessary for a full and fair disposition of the protest.  Such procedure shall insure the right of the person or team which is the subject of the protest to respond to said protest. The Disciplinary Committee may caution, censure, suspend, and / or levy a fine against a League member or team. It may also dismiss the protest.


C.         GRIEVANCES:


  1. A grievance is a written complaint regarding the misconduct of a League member or team.


  1. It is a tenet of this League to promote sportsmanship and fair play. Therefore, any League member may submit a written complaint to the Disciplinary Committee regarding the misconduct of another League member or team on or off the field. The complaint shall be filed within seven (7) days of the occurrence and be accompanied by supporting evidence. The results/decision must be reported by the League Commissioner at the next League Meeting.


  1. The Disciplinary Committee shall adopt whatever procedure necessary for a full and fair disposition of the complaint.  Such procedure shall insure the right of the person or team which is the subject of the complaint to respond to said complaint. The Disciplinary Committee may caution, censure, suspend, levy a fine against or take other action they deem appropriate against a League member or team.  It may also dismiss the complaint.


D.         APPEALS:


  1. The following appeals procedure applies to both the appeal of a decision of the Disciplinary Committee in regard to a protest or a grievance.


  1. All appeals must be submitted, in writing, by the appealing party to the League Commissioner.  All appeals must be accompanied by an Appeal Fee which shall be returned if the appeal is successful and may be returned by a vote of the League Council if the appeal is unsuccessful.  The appeal must state the reasons the decision is being appealed.  At the next regularly scheduled or specially convened meeting of the League Council, the League Commissioner shall inform the League Council of the circumstances which led to the decision being appealed, and the reason for the decision of the Committee.  The appeal will be read to the League Council. The League Council will vote by majority to affirm or disaffirm the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.  Members of the teams which are the subject of the decision and members of the Protest and Disciplinary Committee who participated in the decision must abstain from voting.






A.         Rule changes will be voted on and approved by the League Council only at the Annual Meeting of the New York Metropolitan Women's Soccer League.


B.         The rule changes that are voted in and approved at the Annual Meeting will take effect at the beginning of the League's following/Fall soccer season.


C.         The text of any proposed rule changes shall be suggested and circulated to the League Council/Member during the soccer season and prior to the League Council's vote at the Annual Meeting.



APPENDIX 1 – Schedule of Dues, Bonds, Fees, Fines & Awards


Including but not limited to the following items:



Annual Dues (ENYSASA)


Annual Dues – Active Teams (NYMWSL)


Annual Dues – Inactive Teams (NYMWSL)

$100.00 1st year

$300.00 2nd year

$500.00 3rd year and beyond



New Team Performance Bond

$300.00 (half refundable after conditions above are fulfilled)

All bond money shall be held by the League on account until all commitments are fulfilled, then only the principal shall be released to the respective team.  Any accrued interest shall be retained by the League.  Should a team forfeit its bond for any reason, the value of said bond shall be retained by the League as liquidated damages.



State Cup Fee


National Amateur Cup


Registration per Player


Player Pass


Deactivation Fee


Loan Fee

$15.00 / Player per Game

Lineup Sheet Fee


Coach Pass Fee


Referee Fee (Div A)


Referee Fee (Div B)


Assistant Referee

$40.00 each

Appeal Fee (NYMWSL)


Appeal Fee (ENYSASA)

$250.00 (non-refundable)



Missed League Meeting

(Failure to Appear – without notice)


(Incremental increase of $10 for every subsequent meeting within a season)

Forfeit – Level 1

(Notice by 6:00p of Prior Evening)

$100.00 + Full Referee Fee

Forfeit – Level 2

(No Advance Notice)

$200.00 + Full Referee Fee

Failure to Use ENYSASA Lineup Form

(1st offense)


Failure to Use ENYSASA Lineup Form

(2nd offense)

Forfeit – subject to all fines, penalties and rules in this regard

Intentional Use of Unregistered Player


Use of Eligible Players Without A Pass


Violation of Uniform Rule

First offense $10, 2nd $20, 3rd $40 (keep doubling)

Failing to Use Alternative Uniform


Returned/Bounced Check Charge


Failure of Teams to comply with game day responsibilities






A Division

B Division

Regular Season – 1st Place

$500 + Trophy

$400 + Trophy

Regular Season – 2nd Place

$300 + Trophy

$250 + Trophy

Regular Season – 3rd Place

$200 + Trophy

$150 + Trophy







ARTICLE I:                NAME


The name of this organization shall be the NEW YORK METROPOLITAN WOMEN'S SOCCER LEAGUE (NYMWSL), and it will be known as the "League" for all purposes hereinafter set forth. It was founded on March 27, 1978, under the name New York Women's Soccer League. The founder teams were the Meteors, Super F., New York Women's Soccer Club, H.B. Kickers and the Hurricanes. The headquarters of this League shall be within the five boroughs of New York City and all general meetings shall be held there.


ARTICLE II:               PURPOSE


The purpose of this League shall be to promote and maintain a high quality of amateur (ENYSASA) soccer competition for women, especially in the Northeastern United States.




This League shall be directly affiliated to and comply with the authority of the Eastern New York State Amateur Soccer Association and the United States Soccer Federation, and shall represent all its members in both the Eastern New York State Amateur Soccer Association and in the United States Soccer Federation.

  1. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) opens its membership to all soccer organizations and all soccer players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators and officials "without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or national origin." For the purposes of registration on gender-based amateur teams, a player may register with the gender team with which the player identifies, and confirmation sufficient for guaranteeing access shall be satisfied by documentation or evidence that shows the stated gender is sincerely held, and part of a person’s core identity. Documentation satisfying the herein stated standard includes, but is not limited to, government-issued documentation or documentation prepared by a health care provider, counselor, or other qualified professional not related to the player. 






Any properly constituted team/club, as defined below, may become a member of the League if all requirements for membership are met, and the League through a majority decision of the Executive Committee, find that such membership would be in the best interest of the League and soccer in general. All applications for membership shall be sent to the Registrar accompanied by team name, name, address and telephone number of the team manager and a $150.00 deposit on team cost for the coming season, which shall be refunded if the team's application is not approved. All new teams will also be required to post a bond for an additional $150.00 once they are accepted in the League. Such bond will be refunded at the end of the season only if the team has not forfeited any games during the year.


a.         A properly constituted team shall be defined by the GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS.


b.         Each member team/club in good standing shall at any League General Meeting have two (2) votes on any given issue brought before the membership at the meeting.


c.          New Teams/clubs must deposit a $150.00 fee in the League's Treasury on or before the Annual Meeting. No deposit is necessary for new additional teams belonging to an existing club.


d.         A member team/club not on the playing schedule for the current season will be considered inactive. Inactive teams may remain in the League as associated members upon payment of Annual Dues – Inactive Teams as identified in Appendix 1 of NYMWSL Rules and Regulations. Each such team shall have no voting power. No additional guarantee fees shall be required from inactive teams.


e.         Teams/clubs which transfer their membership from other leagues to this League shall be required to present a written release by their former league.


f.          In case two member teams/clubs merge to form one new team/club, the merged team/club shall be responsible for all obligations incurred to the League under these rules by both old teams.




This League shall have jurisdiction over all member club/teams, fields, players and coaches affiliated within. Each member club/team and player, and coach will adhere to the Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of this League and will comply with its authority.


ARTICLE VI:              VOTING


The League shall be governed by the teams constituting the members. Each team shall be represented by two duly appointed delegates, which shall be listed as the Official representatives on the team roster. Each delegate shall be entitled to one (1) vote. In order for a team to get two votes, both delegates must be present. Delegates will only be entitled to vote on behalf of their team. A delegate may be changed only by the submission of written notification signed by a majority of the team players. A list of official delegates will be retained by the Secretary of NYMWSL and only the listed delegates will be entitled to cast votes for their team. The official delegates may designate a substitute by giving prior oral or written notice to any member of the Executive Board as defined below. No delegate will be entitled to vote on behalf of more than one (1) team.




A.         The Executive Officers shall constitute the Executive Board. The Executive Officers shall be elected for a term of one (1) year and may succeed themselves in office. All offices may be held by anyone who is currently or previously affiliated with a NYMWSL team (ie player, coach, manager). Elections will be held at the Annual meeting in July. The Executive Board, whose duty shall be to transact the business of this League, shall consist of:



-           President

-           Vice President

-           Secretary

-           Treasurer

-           League Commissioner

-           Games Commissioner                        

-           Trustee(s)

-           Registrar

-           Referee Commissioner

-           ENYSASA Representative

-           Public Relations Officer



B.         In order for a NYMWSL Member to run for President, such Member must have served a minimum of one term as a member of the League Council.




The Annual meeting of the League shall be held on the second Monday of each July. Attendance is mandatory for each member team subject to a $50 fine for failure to appear. The order of business shall be as follows:


-           Roll call and vote accreditation

-           Reading of the Minutes of last Annual meeting

-           Unfinished business

-           Reports of Chairman of Standing Committees

-           Report of Auditing Committee

-           Amendments to Constitution, Rules and Regulations, and By-Laws

-           Discharge of past Executive Board

-           Election of new Officers - Secret Ballot

-           New Business

-           Adjournment




  1. League Meetings


Regular League Meetings shall be held on the second Monday of the following months: August, September, February and March. However, unscheduled meetings may be called from time to time by the League Council to discuss or conduct such business matters as may become necessary. Attendance is mandatory for each member team subject to fine(s) for failure to appear. Fine(s) for failure to appear shall be assessed in accordance with Appendix 1 of NYMWSL Rules and Regulations. A quorum as defined below must be present to transact business. The order of business shall be as follows:


-     Roll call and vote accreditation

-     Approval of minutes of prior meeting

-     Presentation of reports

-     Old Business

-     New Business

-     Adjournment


  1. Executive Officer Meetings


A meeting of the Executive Officers shall be held on the second Monday of the following months: October, November, April, May and June. Attendance is not mandatory.  Meetings may be attended by representatives of any NYMWSL team provided the League President is informed in advance and the meeting is not declared a closed meeting. Official League business may be transacted at Executive Officer Meetings, however permanent policy changes must be ratified and approved by a quorum at the next League Meeting. Executive Officer Meetings shall keep recorded minutes to be distributed at the next League Meeting, with the exception of closed meeting minutes, which shall be distributed at such time as deemed appropriate by a vote of the Executive Officers.




Amendments to the Constitution and/or By-Laws may be made at the Annual meeting in July by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting membership present, provided all the voting members have been given ten (10) days written notice of the meeting and a written copy of the proposed changes. A quorum must be present.


ARTICLE XI:              QUORUM


Fifty (50%) percent of the League voting members, in good standing, shall constitute a quorum.