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About Us

How to join a team

If you are looking for a team, please send an email to, it will automatically be sent to all the teams.

Please make sure to include your name, email address, phone number, previous soccer experience  (beginner, intermediate, advanced/competitive), add anything that will help teams contact you (for example, college team, or any other team you have played for). Please also indicate if you would like to play in A, B or either.

Players should be 18 or older, but under 18 can be registered with a letter of consent from a parent or guardian.

If no one gets back to you, please follow up on


Game/Practice Injury Insurance

After the form is filled out, it must be sent to for registration verification , then  the Registrar will send it to ENYSSA for processing.

Please DO NOT  send it directly to the insurance company. They will ignore it if the League and the State have not verified Registration.

Please always make sure that the referee writes down the injury on his report to the League/State.